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Fabulous Home on the Golf Course in Irving is Staged to Sell

Home Staging in Irving Golf Course Community

This home is located in a gated golf course community in Irving.  Incredible views of the golf course, private gated community, great floor plan and exceptional craftsmanship throughout make it a stand out among the competition.  

Staging Matters was brought in to make this home appeal to a broader audience of buyers. In this price range it was crucial that the staging would reflect the price point of the home; which is a specialty of our company and services. 

Sometimes we work along side the homeowner but in this case the homeowner asked us to manage the entire process for them.  Our team rearranged and edited every room in the home; sourcing furniture and accessories where needed.   This project took about a week to complete but the transformation was dramatic and the feedback has been very positive.  We love a big project and this was one of our favorite projects this year.


Consultation With Flower Mound Mother of 4, Dramatic Changes, Sold in 3 Weeks!

Home Staging Consultation in Flower Mound


This Flower Mound home had to quickly get in the race. The homeowners found their “dream home” and were determined to get this home on the market. This home belongs to a very busy family which includes a few toddlers and a few teenagers; need I say more?

Staging Matters was called in to do an in depth consultation which took about 3 hours. The homeowners then did all the work themselves and they did it in record time.

Homeowners who want to prepare their home themselves always benefit from the expert advice of a stager who is willing to share all their tips and tricks.  This home sold in 3 weeks.  Staging Matters!

Spa Touches for Master Bath Video

Making the Most from MLS Photo’s


Tips for Making MLS Photos Work for You! 

by Debra Rosser of Staging Matters

  • Make sure that you pay attention to the order you put your pictures in on MLS.  The homes best features and photos should come first.  Capture buyers’ attention quickly.  They may only look at the first 4 photos when deciding which homes to consider more closely.
  • Refrigerator magnets are not a good thing.  Trash cans aren’t either.  Remove these before shooting your picture. 
  • If a child’s name is on the wall in big letters either remove the letters or take the picture from a different angle.  Advertising a child’s name with their address is a safety issue. 
  • After you take the picture look at the photo in the camera window.  I often notice something is out of place, crooked, etc when I see the picture in the window that my eye missed when just looking at the room.
  • If you can’t find anything good to take a picture of; call a stager.  If the pictures look boring, empty, crowded, monotone, dated or blah; call a stager. The best time to stage a house is before the MLS pictures are taken!  The place where first impressions are critical is the internet and we can help you get your homes best features captured in photos!  We will even work as a photo stylist of sorts; adding props and removing clutter right before you shoot the picture.  Let us help you find the “magic”.

Taking “Kid Friendly” Up a Notch

Home Stager Shares Secret for Selling in North Texas


by Debra with Staging Matters

One of the things I advise my clients to do, that sometimes surprises them, is to invent a child or two.  Several times this summer I have been staging a home where the seller’s children are grown but the buyers will likely have children.   Creating a child’s room makes the home seem like a more natural fit for a younger family.  We are trying to make a sellers home “feel home” to a buyer.  Think about the emotional pull a child’s room can have. 
It is not necessary to go overboard. Start by adding bedding made for children.   Add a few props (book, stuffed animal, etc), name your invisible little friend and congratulate yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you invent a boy or a girl,  a toddler or a tween.  Keep the investment small, it is just an emotional connection, but it is an important and powerful connection.   You now have a stronger chance of attracting young families.  An added benefit is that the room just might make you smile.

Stunning Flower Mound Home on Wooded Creek Lot, Now a “Must See”

1908 Reserve Ct, Flower Mound

 by Debra Rosser with Staging Matters, serving North Texas Communities   Introducing this spectacular home located on a private wooded lot in a very sought-after neighborhood in Flower Mound .    MLS#11439918  is listed with the Property Pro’s of Flower Mound and is a MUST SEE !   For more information or to schedule a showing you can contact Kelly or Sonja at either   972 691 7040 or 972 691 7050 or visit for more information.

 Some of the  homes special features include, gorgeous private views from every window,  a great floor plan for both entertaining and raising a family, a spacious master bedroom with a fireplace, a large family room with great built- ins and floor to ceiling windows and a spectacular backyard oasis made for relaxation and entertainment.  The private, shaded, outdoor living space has a pool, hot tub, built in BBQ area, lots of shade, and a  large covered porch with built ins for a refrigerator, tv etc.   Click here to see more.

Home staging services included an initial consultation, prioritized recommendations and a day of furniture and accessory editing and rearranging.   This home featured a great layout and many beautiful features to begin with.  Now that it has been professionally staged; it is a ”must see” when looking for a new place that simply feels like home.     

Having a home professionally staged can take a property that feels ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary many times using what the seller already owns just by taking a new, fresh approach.  The focus when staging is on making your homes best features stand out and getting buyers inspired to become owners.  If you have a home about to go on the market or if your home has been on the market and you haven’t gotten the results you are hoping for; call us today.  We are experts at finding solutions and increasing the marketability of homes.  Staged homes sell much faster and for more money than unstaged homes.  For more information about staging your North Texas home call 469-322-9113 or email us today!

Update – This home was previously on the market for 18 months, after new agents and staging it went under contract in 4 months.  Staging Matters!

Staging Matters helps Realtors in North Texas get Serious Results

 by Debra Rosser of Staging Matters

1.Staging is not decluttering and cleaning. Doing these two things does improve how a home looks of course but it isn’t “the staging magic” that sells a house quickly and for top dollar. Think about builders’ homes. They are staged. They are not plain, neutral and empty looking. Their homes have a feeling; a warmth, some charm, a style, some color and accessories. This is not on accident. They are creating environments that ask a buyer to stay; look around; imagine what it would be like to live in this home. They are creating spaces that buyers will “aspire” to live in. It works; that is why they continue to do it. Less is more, until it looks boring…let stagers find the right balance in each home.

2. Every home that is staged should not come out with the same look. A great stager will look at what a homeowner already has and will build from there. Some homes lend themselves to a formal look; others to a comfortable look.  A great Stager finds a look that works with the home and uses a lot of what a homeowner actually already has.

3. I am a homestager.I am a full time, serious stager. To borrow a thought from Donna Dazzo, a stager I admire, “I am not a real estate agent, a property manager, a staging trainer and a furniture rental company”.  I focus on two things, home staging and redesign. I do those two things well because they are my focus.

4. It not only takes vision and talent to stage a home but it takes time and energy. As an agent you may have the vision and talent but your time and energy are better spent getting listings and showing houses, this is where your profits lie. Use the time you would spend staging on getting another listing. 

5. Ouch! This one is going to hurt a little but…. As I research who the “big dog Realtors” are in Flower Mound, Highland Village and beyond there is one thing they all do. Wait for it….. They stage every listing. They advertise that they stage every listing. They are committed to staging every listing.It makes them shiny. It is one of the secret weapons that helps win them listings and it is why their inventory is constantly changing. Staging is not their only secret but it is an obvious one. They pay for an initial staging consultation and for some actual hands-on staging. I’d estimate this costs them about three to four hundred dollars (for a 1/2 day of staging). This investment in marketing pays off; they get and move a lot of  listings. You may not be able to pay for that yet (or you may feel that the client should pay for the stager just like they pay for the inspector and appraiser…which is a valid point) but find a stager that you like and work through a plan that will still deliver real results for your clients; even if you don’t pay for it. Taking the time to brainstorm practical, effective solutions to your business needs with a stager is time well spent.

6.Spending $75 on each house to have a stager run through in under an hour and tell the homeowner a few things to do isn’t going to have a big payoff. If that is what you have tried, paying a stager a small fee for a quick visit….you owe it to yourself to try a different approach or save your money. If it was that easy then we really could create a checklist and homeowners could do it themselves. (To be fair, if you are paying a small fee for a stager to meet with your client, go over the project and propose actual hands-on staging time then your cost is justified as long as a lot of your clients do actually book more staging time/advice). For a homeowner to really get the most out of staging; they should spend some time actually working with the stager in their home getting some main living areas staged. Staging is an art and it is hard to really get great results from reading a report or simply clearing all the counters. Creating that “feeling” that buyers like takes skill…it is not something that happens in 1 hour,  and it is usually very affordable.

7.Waiting until a house has been on the market for a long time and then calling in a stager…not the best choice. I’d bet my left arm that you knew it wasn’t going to sell quickly but you were so excited to get that listing that you didn’t want to make any waves. The waves are coming if you don’t change the condition of the house so why not pay a stager to “make the waves” from the beginning so you will have some smooth sailing later. Be proactive and stage them first whenever you can. 

8. I can afford to be bolder than you can be. In fact that is part of what makes me a good stager. I will tell the homeowner the truth (if I can’t get them to tell me that same truth on their own). My relationship with them doesn’t last as long as yours. Let me say what you are thinking.  I will know what needs to get done and I will find a way to talk about it. My goal is to make you look good.  This happens with a healthy offer and a quick sale. I am focused on correcting the things that will get in the way.  I am skilled at finding solutions!

If you haven’t seen results with staging then it may be time to try a new stager and develop a new staging plan (ask about our Preferred Realtor Partnerships). You should feel like the stager you are working with is bright, dedicated and invested. She should be helping you market your home in some new ways. Let us market and merchandise the inside of the house, you price it right and market it to the outside world and I bet the results will be remarkable!

I love what I do. I am good at it. I can feel when a Realtor thinks they don’t need help with staging and I am frustrated if I look at their listings and know that they could be getting different results. What if I am as good at marketing the inside of the home as you are about marketing to the outside world of buyers?  That could make for a fabulous team!!!! I’d love to brainstorm with you today. 469-322-9113 or email me at

For more articles please visit our blog.

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