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Making the Most from MLS Photo’s


Tips for Making MLS Photos Work for You! 

by Debra Rosser of Staging Matters

  • Make sure that you pay attention to the order you put your pictures in on MLS.  The homes best features and photos should come first.  Capture buyers’ attention quickly.  They may only look at the first 4 photos when deciding which homes to consider more closely.
  • Refrigerator magnets are not a good thing.  Trash cans aren’t either.  Remove these before shooting your picture. 
  • If a child’s name is on the wall in big letters either remove the letters or take the picture from a different angle.  Advertising a child’s name with their address is a safety issue. 
  • After you take the picture look at the photo in the camera window.  I often notice something is out of place, crooked, etc when I see the picture in the window that my eye missed when just looking at the room.
  • If you can’t find anything good to take a picture of; call a stager.  If the pictures look boring, empty, crowded, monotone, dated or blah; call a stager. The best time to stage a house is before the MLS pictures are taken!  The place where first impressions are critical is the internet and we can help you get your homes best features captured in photos!  We will even work as a photo stylist of sorts; adding props and removing clutter right before you shoot the picture.  Let us help you find the “magic”.

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To strategically fine tune the details of a property so that buyers are captivated and make the mental jump from being a buyer to being an owner.

To carefully weigh costs so that the seller does not spend any money that is unnecessary and only invests money when the purchase is likely to yield a high rate of return.

To reduce the stress level of our clients by making staging a fun and practical experience that motivates and moves them forward in successfully selling their homes.

To exceed our clients expectations and create some “magic”.

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