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Holiday Staging Tips

It must be tempting, if you are a homeseller in North Texas,  to pull your home from the market during the Holiday season.  For some this may be a smart time to let the clock reset and take a break but before throwing in the towel you might want to consider the advantages of sticking it out. 
There are fewer homes typically on the market over the holidays; this means you will have less competition (that is a big deal in a buyers market). Secondly, those buyers that are looking during this time are more likely to be serious, motivated buyers. 
I have been asked already several times about how I suggest someone “stage” during the Holidays.  Here is the honest answer to this question from a staging perspective. It is not a popular answer but it is an honest one. If your seller can stick to these guidelines they will have an edge over the competition and that is sometimes all it takes.  
So here are my suggested guidelines…
  • Less is still more in November and December.  If you add something large (Christmas Tree) you must remember to take something of equal size out of the room (loveseat or large chair).  Square footage is what you are selling so remember that less is still more even during the Holidays.  
  • Curb appeal is still critical!  The first impression from the curb can include a Holiday Wreath and maybe some white lights….but that is really it.  Frosty the blow up Snowman and all the plastic candycanes need to stay in the attic.
  • This is not the year to decorate all the rooms of your home.   Buyers need to be able to focus on the house, not your decorations.  So what is the magic formula?  Think in terms of 3.  Three areas is enough to keep you in the Holiday spirit and to celebrate family traditions but not overwhelm your buying guests.  For most this will mean they will put up a tree, decorate a mantle and set the dining room table.  That is all, just those three places.    
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms sell houses. Keep these areas “holiday free”. Buyers will be able to appreciate these rooms if they aren’t distracted by your decorations.
  • While you shouldn’t overwhelm buyers visually with the Holidays you can enhance the warm feeling of your home by baking some cookies and leaving some Holiday music playing softly in the background. 

Being on the market during the Holidays is not without challenges so if you are going to stick it out….stay in the race!

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