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Strip and Go Naked Staging Style Revealed

At the risk of the search engines putting my article in some crazy adult places I do not want to be I think we need to examine the benefits, and what I see as draw backs,  of the “strip and go naked home staging” style. 

Imagine a room that contains 1 couch, 1 chair, 1 painting, 1 coffee table and 1 lamp, and nothing else.  You have seen that room.  Now imagine a kitchen; with nothing on the counters or walls.  This is what some agents and even some home stagers think staging should look like.  This is what I call “strip and go naked staging”.  

When you tell a client to remove all the clutter this is sometimes what you get.  It is true that less is more when staging….to a point.  We do want to remove distractions and help buyers imagine their own things in a room.  It is important to declutter.   This kind of staging does address the “clean” look a staged home should enjoy.  I know some very busy stagers that create this kind of look.  In my opinion though  this is like only  getting half way there…

This look  is not hard to achieve.  Simply tell your clients to pack everything but the furniture and you are here. No stager needed really.   But there is a problem; a big glaring problem from my perspective with this style of staging.

Staging is about creating uncomplicated clean lines.  But it also has an obligation to spark imaginations, drawing the eye to places in the room on purpose and dare I say…drawing the eye away from some places in the room, on purpose.  This is done with careful furniture placement, with accessories and with art.   Good staging has levels.  There are some very simple restful spaces and other places where  whimsy and drama should occur. 

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